Homebuyers in Saskatchewan won’t see dramatic drops in prices!

General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 27 Jul

Sask. housing market will avoid ‘big swings’ as national prices plummet: RBC A recent report by RBC has predicted housing prices to fall almost 23 percent across the country. However, homebuyers in Saskatchewan won’t see such a dramatic drop. “While we project resale activity to cumulatively decline more than 20 percent in every other province (from […]

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Bank of Canada Raises Key Interest Rate by 100 bps!

General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 14 Jul

The Bank of Canada has raised its overnight target rate by 100 basis points, bringing it to 2.50%. This is the Bank’s largest rate hike since 1998. In its statement accompanying the decision, the Bank said, “With the economy clearly in excess demand, inflation high and broadening, and more businesses and consumers expecting high inflation […]

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Canadian Home Prices on The Rise!

General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 18 Mar

REAL ESTATE NEWS Canadian Home Prices Just Rose For the 20th Month in a Row The rise of Canadian home prices is on a seemingly never-ending streak, climbing to new heights for the 20th consecutive month in February. The new Teranet-National Bank House Price Index, released on Thursday, revealed a 1.7% jump in home prices between […]

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General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 9 Nov

What is the mortgage rate? Buying a home and becoming a homeowner is an exciting time in life that requires you to know a bit about the steps to get into your new home and the types of mortgages available. A mortgage agent will provide you with valuable advice and knowledge and, can help you […]

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Canadian Real Estate Markets See Price Growth Slowing

General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 27 Oct

Eventually, what goes up must come down, which many believe is the case when it comes to ever-swelling housing prices across Canada. For all of 2021, and most of 2020 for that matter, Canadian real estate big and small, from coast-to-coast, have set month-over-month records in terms of residential home sales, sales volume, and average […]

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What Is The Difference Between An A lender and a B Lender?

General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 13 Jan

An insight into differences of A LENDERs, B LENDERs, and PRIVATE LENDERs People will often ask if a mortgage is with an A or B lender; however, few are aware of what these terms mean. The big banks will often refer to themselves as A lenders (which they are) with all others being B lenders […]

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General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 23 Apr

There are 9 million Millennials in Canada, representing more than 25 percent of the population. Born between 1980 and 1999, the eldest are in the early stages of their careers, forming households and buying their first homes. Buying a home is a daunting process for anyone, but especially so for the first-time homebuyer. This is […]

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General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 22 Oct

Mortgage [ˈmôrɡij] NOUN With a residential mortgage, a home buyer pledges his or her house to the bank. The bank has a claim on the house should the home buyer default on paying the mortgage. In the case of a foreclosure, the bank may evict the home’s occupants and sell the house, using the income […]

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4 Ways to Make Your Mortgage Process Smoother

General Yasmin Zargar Shabestari 5 Sep

Tips for an easier and smoother home-buying process Mortgages are complicated—we get it! But there are steps that you as a home-buyer can take to make the process a much smoother one (plus let you walk away with the sharpest rate!) 1. Use a Broker This should be the first step you take when getting […]

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